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Buchanan County, Iowa

Growing Opportunities.


Buchanan County boasts international connections that are growing opportunities for families and businesses. Manufacturers here have created electronic components that sit on top of the world’s tallest building, communication equipment on many military vehicles and aircraft, plus commercial jet airliners. Buchanan County companies have also designed and fabricated parts for large mining and construction equipment, plus essential parts for cars and commercial trucks that are sold around the world.

Discover the many reasons why Buchanan County is the ideal place to start a family, and to start and expand your business. This beautiful area in the Cedar Valley is very accommodating to all. Look at what this area has to offer, and fall in love with the rural, yet modern serenity of Buchanan County, Iowa.

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Buchanan County is part of the Cedar Valley Regional Partnership of Iowa.

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Buchanan County is truly located within an hour of tons of top-notch entertainment. See for yourself!

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Educational facilities and resources are continually expanding to provide local students quality education right here within Buchanan County.



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Nicks’ Family Grocery Receives Grant

The Buchanan County Economic Development Commission (BCEDC) has been working with the City of Independence as they work towards adding additional childcare to the community.  As part of this mission,  ...
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2022 BCEDC Annual Review

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Allerton Brewing Company Continues to Grow

Lucas Gray from Allerton receiving his second RLF Allerton's expansion inside of King's Hall Allerton Brewery continues to grow with the help of the Buchanan County Economic Development Commission (BCEDC).  ...
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Our investors enable BCEDC the ability to implement economic development strategies and initiatives. Investors are true leaders setting a path for Buchanan County’s future.