Utility Services

Infrastructure is in-place at many prospective building sites and incentives are available for companies
to develop strong business opportunities. The communities of Buchanan County provide strong utility services, competitive broadband access and ideal transportation systems.

Buchanan County possesses municipal utility providers, rural electric cooperatives, investor-owned energy companies, and an increase in broadband and other telecommunications services that are owned and operated by municipal entities, cooperatives and private investor companies. Buchanan County continues to provide upgrades in the wastewater and sewers services, plus continual improvements to the supply of freshwater to residents and businesses. The area utility providers allow for quick, personal, accommodating services to meet the growth needs of businesses locating or expanding in Buchanan County.

All of our communities have made a conscious effort to maintain, update and extend streets, fiber optics, water and sewer to the entire county. Buchanan County (IA) Economic Development works closely with its utility service providers to accommodate the growth needs of businesses locating or expanding in the county. Local governments are open to consideration of infrastructure assistance or incentives for sites without existing infrastructure in place.

Electric & Gas Providers

Telecommunication Providers