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Did you know that Manufacturing jobs in Buchanan County have increased by over 50% since 2011?  See the chart below showing the the changes in job numbers and salaries! 

– If you are interested in learning more about the Sister City Program then click HERE!

– Iowa just launched the This is Iowa social media campaign!  Visit the website by clicking HERE to see how people from New York find out what they are missing in Iowa!

– Contact information for Buchanan County Realtors and Rental Agencies can be found by clicking Rental-Housing & Realtors

– Curious about our Cost of Living in Buchanan County compared to the rest of the U.S.  Click HERE to see the Cost of Living calculator on the Cedar Valley Regions’ Live the Valley website!

– Pre-Flood Checklist  From I.S.U. CIRAS (Center for Industrial Research And Service)

– SBDC Business Assessment Disaster Checklist  From the U.N.I. Small Business Development Center