Leadership for Business and Community

Leadership for Business and Community

Leadership plays an integral part in the development of businesses and industries as well as organizations within communities.  To that end, Hawkeye Community College and Buchanan County Economic Development have teamed up to provide an exceptional leadership program with extraordinary presenters.  The classes will help participants identify their leadership style and best practices for managing teams.  From knowing how to handle effective meetings to resolving conflict and communicating effectively, participants will gain vital leadership skills that can be used not only at work, but within their communities and organizations. 

This is a series of six sessions and leadership certificates will be awarded to individual who attend all six weeks. The first session will include the DISC assessment and the final session will be followed by a short celebration and graduation ceremony. Participants are welcome to stay for an optional networking lunch each date from 12-1pm, which is included in the cost of the program.

The program will be held from 9 am to noon every Tuesday beginning September 21st  and ending October 26th. All session will be at the American Legion/Crow Bar, 205 2nd St.NE,  Independence.

To sign up you will need to create a new profile or sign in to your existing profile with Hawkeye Community College.  Add Leadership for Business and Community to your cart.  Go to cart.  If you are an investor and have a code, click on Apply Class Code and enter the code there, then click Checkout.  If you are an investor and need the discount code, contact BCEDC Director Lisa Kremer at  319-334-7497.

September 21st – Presenter Celina Peerman 

  1. Leading for Impact – Understand the role of leadership in our organizations and across our communities.  Increase your self awareness and set a plan that will help you lead with an even bigger positive impact for those around you.

September 28th – Presenter Tara Siebel 

  1. Navigating Digital Communication and Communicating Effectively – Effective leadership includes understanding how, when and what to communicate.  Recognize the tools, pitfalls, and ways you can ensure consistent yet adaptable communication so people can do their best work.

October 5th – Presenter Sandra Flikkema

  1. Get Control of Your Schedule: From Meaninful Meeting to You TimeLet’s talk first about personality preferences and their effect on how we choose to spend our time, both good and bad. Then we’ll cover the top practices for exercising greater control over this most limited resource – as well as ensuring that shared time at work, like meetings, is effective and meaningful, promoting resource use and facilitation skills. Finally, we will take a look at the apps and online tools that can move the needle forward in automation, organization, and focus.

October 12th – Presenter Al Roder 

  1. Servant Leadership – The honor of leadership is making a difference to others.  Increase your understanding of this mindset to further explore how you approach leading others while building a great team and organization.

October 19th – Presenter Sandra Flikkema

  1. It’s Time to Talk:  Give Feedback & Coach through Difficult Conversations to Resolve Conflicts – Communicating to team members from the role of leader calls for a higher level of skill in the frequency, appropriateness, and quality (FAQ’s) of communicating, controlling actions / reactions in order to influence others’ behaviors, as well as some planning and activities in order to practice feedback-for-performance and coaching-for-development. We’ll also learn a few tactics for dealing with difficult behavior, scripts and tips, that continue to build trust relationships

October 26th – Presenter Celina Peerman 

  1. Leading Work and Community Teams – Building  teams to reach goals is critical. Learn more action steps to build strong teams that can help drive performance and navigate change.  Recognize the importance of growing new leaders.

Immediately following the October 26th class from 12 to 1 will be the graduation/recognition of those participants who completed the course.  Celina Peerman will be our featured speaker to close out the program.