October is Manufacturing Month! – Free Webinar!

Buchanan County Economic Development is hosting our Lunch and Learn Webinar – Restoring Revenue.

On Thursday, OCTOBER 22nd from 11:45 am – 12-45 pm we will have our Lunch and Learn Webinar – Restoring Revenue – Click HERE  to sign up.

COVID-19 has redrawn large portions of the Iowa economy, forcing many companies to rethink the ways they do businesses. Are you looking for a new path to take your business through this new world?

This one-hour webinar will feature C.J. Osborn from CIRAS sharing a framework and growth options for restoring your lost revenue. We’ll help your company assess its individual needs and point you to specific programs that could help.

CIRAS has a variety of services to help Iowa companies restore revenue – whether yours is an old firm that was barely getting by before the pandemic or an advanced business that now may be ready to take advantage of the right strategic opportunity.

Depending on your situation, CIRAS experts can help you:

  • Market yourself to government purchasers so you can get started/increase your selling to government agencies.
  • Learn how to market and sell products over the Internet.
  • Get more efficient by adopting Customer Relationship Management software.
  • Use publicly available databases to recruit more customers like the best ones you have now.