2022 Buchanan County Leadership Program

Join us every Tuesday (Sept. 27-Nov. 1) from 9am to 12:30pm for 6 Leadership sessions to include catered networking lunches.

Details on the Program

Dates:  Tuesdays from September 27th – November 1st

Time:  9 a.m. to 12:30 pm – The last half hour is a networking lunch

Place:  Pipestone Vet Clinic Meeting Room, 405 20th Ave. SW, Independence

Cost: $399

Deadline: September 20th, 2022

Sign-up:  There are 2 ways to sign up:

  1. You can sign up and pay by credit card on the Hawkeye Community College site by clicking HERE. If you do not have an account with HCC you will need to create one. 
  2. You can fill out the registration form on the BCEDC website by clicking HERE and return it to BCEDC by either emailing it to or sending it to BCEDC, P.). Box 109, Independence, IA 50644. You will then be invoiced by HCC. Be sure to check the box if you are an investor in BCEDC.

BCEDC Investors:  If you are an investor with BCEDC, you were emailed a discount code.  For any question contact either Lisa or Molly at 319-334-7497 or email

Participation: Graduation will take place during the last session with certificates given.

Sessions and Topics to be Covered

September 27th with Celina Peerman: Leading for Impact – Understand the role of leadership in our organizations and across our communities.  Increase your self awareness and set a plan that will help you lead with an even bigger positive impact for those around you.

October 4th with Marcie Van Note: Decision Making for Leaders – Making business decisions is an art influenced by many things including, a leader’s vision and creativity and a little bit of gut instincts. Decision making can also be a science and can be improved with some structured techniques.   During this session we will look at some of those techniques and practice making decisions.

October 11th with Sandra Flikkema: It’s Time to Talk: Give Feedback & Coach Through Difficult Conversations to Resolve Conflicts – Communicating to team members from the role of leader calls for a higher level of skill in the frequency, appropriateness, and quality (FAQ’s) of communicating, controlling actions / reactions in order to influence others’ behaviors, as well as some planning and activities in order to practice feedback-for-performance and coaching-for-development. We’ll also learn a few tactics for dealing with difficult behavior, scripts and tips, that continue to build trust relationships.

October 18th with Molly Mackey: Emergence – From Individual Contributor to Leader and on to LEAdeRNship – Individual contributors and leaders have significantly different responsibilities. Anyone can be a leader regardless of title. So how do we build ourselves, and others, into great leaders? Great leadership starts with a foundation of skills. Once a foundation has been built, exceptional leaders continue to hone their craft. This presentation will go over how to build foundational leadership skills in ourselves and train others.

We will discuss how leaders can focus on learning with Intent, Impact and Influence. The program will encourage participants to be deliberate about intertwining their learning and leadership experiences. Leaders will walk away with tangible plans to grow themselves and their teams.

Learning Objectives:

*Understand the Differences between Individual Contributors and Leaders

*Learn the Foundation Skills of Leadership

*Recognize the Importance of On-Going Learning

*Understand the three key elements of LEAdeRNship – Intent, Impact Influence

*Develop a Personalized Leadership Growth Plan

October 25th with Sandra Flikkema: Adulting Your Career & Professional Future – We take proactive steps to build a retirement plan, to manage our health, even invest in cars and properties to maintain and create value, but too often leave our own careers to chance. Be the owner of your professional life going forward. You will look at your current role and decisions – at the place where your expertise, your brand communications, and your relationship network meet – a blueprint. Then we will talk about building out a career vision strategically via digital technologies, industry trends, and knowledge transfer. Throughout we’ll touch on topics from LinkedIn and career tools to seeking feedback.

November 1 with Marcie Van Note: You, The Leader – What is leadership and why is it important? What drives you as a leader? Why should others follow you? The most effective leaders easily answer these questions and use them to guide their leadership practice.  During this interactive session we will explore these questions and more.

Meet Your Presenters

Celina Peerman, Ph.D. is passionate about behavior at work that distinguishes a company and serves all stakeholders. Her work as in HR and as an organizational behavior specialist has allowed her thousands of hours with many Iowa companies that she can apply over 24 years of experience into practical and real-life scenarios. Through a combination of research, a sense of humor and real tools, Celina shares her experience to help drive performance on the job by growing our best resources – people.

Marcie Van Note is the Program Director for the Business and Leadership Graduate Programs at Mt Mercy University and a consultant in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She has been a leader in the human capital field for over 25 years with experience in senior leadership roles in human resources and training in both non-profit and for-profit organizations. She has presented at local and national conferences with an emphasis on talent development, leadership, change management, coaching, train the trainer, developing a positive culture, employee engagement and motivation. Marcie works tirelessly to ensure employees and businesses work together to become successful.  Marcie’s style is described as engaging and original.  She has the ability to get everyone involved in the learning process through interaction, humor, life experiences and passion.  Marcie’s personal philosophy is that learning is an ongoing process — never, ever stop learning.

Sandra Flikkema delivers a unique combination of experience in coaching, training and career management, leading managers, and high potentials to make strategic changes in communication, business, and relational skills. Throughout her career, she has partnered with directors, managers, and professionals to leverage their full career potential using practical, skill-building techniques to support business results. Topics she has covered include upgrading customer service, resilience, change management, coaching & leadership skills, and career management.

Sandra is notable for her tech-leaning instructional design, highly engaging interaction, capability to discern and uncover core issues, future-focused and confidence building coaching, and her ability to promote real and effective learning. She lived for several years in Europe and has traveled extensively in pursuit of her passion for diverse ideas and effective, global communication.

Molly Mackey received her undergraduate and MBA from the University of Iowa. In the fall of 2021, she was awarded the Certified Professional of Talen Development (CPTD) by the Association of Talent Development. Molly has a passion for leadership, learning and developing people to be their best. She has over 17 years of business and speaking experience. Molly is currently the Director of Knowledge Acquisition and Transfer at Optimae Life Services. Molly has taught at the collegiate level since 2009, and currently works with community colleges to provide ongoing learning and training to businesses.

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