Census: Make Sure You Are Counted!

2020 Census
Your Community’s Future Depends Upon You Being Counted!

(Buchanan County, IA)   Ninety-five percent or about 143 million households in the country will receive an initial invitation to respond to the 2020 Census in their mailboxes between March 12 and 20.  Households are encouraged to respond when they receive their invitation. Households will receive either an invitation encouraging them to respond online or by phone (about 112 million households), or an invitation along with a paper questionnaire (about 31 million households).

To file your census questionnaire online go to www.my2020census.gov You will need the 12-digit Census ID as found in the letter you receive. It will take about 10 minutes to complete the census questionnaire. Additional information can be found at www.2020Census.gov

What is the impact of a person NOT being counted?  State and Federal program $$ are allocated to communities based upon population.   If you are not counted your community WILL lose out on financial support. A  George Washington University study verified that an Iowa town or county will not receive $28,884 in Federal support, per person, over a 10-year period.  Additionally, communities will lose approximately $1,230 per person in Iowa Road Use Funds over a 10-year for each person not counted.   It’s is VERY important for the economic wellbeing of our communities that EVERYONE be counted.

All households receiving an invitation in the mail will receive a second letter in the mail shortly after reminding them to respond. Then, households that still haven’t responded will receive a series of additional reminders, including a paper questionnaire in mid-April. Census takers will follow up with households that don’t respond to collect responses in person.

You have not received a census notification? Help your community and click here to request a census form:

Census Information for Your Review:                                         

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Census Response Rate as of 3/22/2020