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Buchanan County, Iowa is a great location for business, workforce and their families. This part of the Cedar Valley Region houses a population of over 20,000 people and has a potential labor force of over 180,000 workers from a six county area.

The Buchanan County manufacturing sector has and is seeing expansion.  This sector has grown over the past few years with local industries continuing to expand both their physical plants as well as adding additional employees.  These local industries have rich ties to their community and see them as a positive place to do business as they continue to grow their industries right here in Buchanan County .

Many opportunities await both employers and those seeking employment within the Buchanan County, Iowa area. These opportunities, partnered with a highly educated and motivated workforce, has attracted Fortune 500 companies such as Tyson and Monsanto to locate operations in Buchanan County as well.

In Buchanan County, the average hourly wage across all industries in 2015 was $15.40/hour. In the highest employment sector, manufacturing, the average wage is $16.32/hour with a welder with experience on average making $19.73/hour and an assembler making with minimal experience making $13.86/hour.

Buchanan County and Cedar Valley Regional Data:

Buchanan County Laborshed Report 2016

Cedar Valley Regional Workforce Needs Assessment 2017

Cedar Valley Regional Wage and Salary Report 2014

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The following industry sector reports provides data on #’s employed, wage and benefits, workplace flexibility, skills and education:

Advanced Manufacturing 2017    Agriculture 2017    Financial Services 2017    Food Processing 2017

Healthcare 2017    IT 2017    Skilled Trades 2017    Warehousing & Distribution 2017

Researched based information: 

Education based on age 25-64 for Buchanan County, Iowa 
Total In labor force Employed Unemployment rate
Population 25-64 11,500 82.9% 80.3% 2.6%
High school graduate (includes equivalency) 4,188 83.4% 80.9% 2.5%
Some college or associate’s degree 3,730 83.3% 80.5% 2.7%
Bachelor’s degree or higher 2,055 88.7% 87.8% 0.9%


Quick Look
Employers 971
Employers over 200 employees 5
Per capita income $ 26,206
Median household income $ 55,960
Mean household income $ 76,750
Average wage per job $ 30,564
Median age 39 years
High school graduation rate 93.6%
Some college 17.5%
Degree 26.1%
Advanced Degree 4.6%