Lunch & Learn Registration: Creating a Positive Company Culture

(Buchanan County, IA) You are invited to attend a Lunch & Learn session for businesses: “Creating a Positive Company Culture.”

This event is sponsored by the Buchanan County Economic Development Commission (BCEDC).  

If someone said to you, “Tell me about your company’s culture.” What would you say? Some people would answer by describing office floor plan, the break room drama, or maybe use some buzzwords like “empowerment” or “engagement.” For better or worse, your company is known for something and part of your reputation is based on your company’s culture. This lunch and learn will help leaders rethink what it means to create a positive culture, what that looks like, and why it matters to your company, employees, and customers.

Lunch & Learn facilitator Dr. Mel Gonnerman Jr, is the Director of Industrial and Organizational Services at The Peerman Group.  Dr. Gonnerman is a speaker, coach, and trainer who enjoys sharing knowledge and insights that help people lead and succeed by bringing out greatness in themselves and others.

Luncheon Details:

Time:  11:45-1:00, Thursday, September 28

Location: Independence American Legion Hall.

  • Lunch will be served promptly at 11:45 with the presentation beginning at 12:05.

Costis $10 per attendee.

  • The Lunch and Learn is free for Investors in the BCEDC.
  • To register call George Lake at 319-334-7497 or email with the following information:
  1. Company Name
  2. Number attending
  3. Names of those attending

ALL no-shows will be billed $10 for the cost of the meal.

Payment options for the Lunch and Learn are as follows:

  1. Pay at the door
  2. Mail payment to:  BCEDC – P.O. Box 109, Independence, Iowa  50644
  3. Pay now by clicking on the PayPal link below:

PayPal/Credit Card

Cancellations must be received by 5 p.m. Monday, September 25.

ALL no-shows will be billed $10 for the cost of the meal.