Existing Business

Business Retention & Expansion

geater-business-retentionBuchanan County (IA) Economic Development values all of the commercial and industrial businesses that operate within Buchanan County and the products and services they provide reach far beyond northeast Iowa. A significant part of what the BCED focuses on is based on business retention. Not only is it important to build relationships with our local business operations, but also with headquarters of the companies that have sites in our county. It gives our organization the opportunity to get to know the corporate leaders, but more importantly it lets them know that we care about their companies having locations in our area. It allows them to have a contact locally to help them through challenges or tout their successes. Continuing to steward and nurture open lines of communication with local primary industry companies.

Business expansion has contributed to the growth in Buchanan County into 2014. BCED has assisted Geater Machine and Manufacturing and Wapsie Valley Creamery with their significant expansion efforts by making connections to programming through the Iowa Economic Development Authorities, US Department of Agriculture and through local governments. These three companies have and are looking to invest millions in capital investment into their current structures that will increase their business capacities, efficiencies and in turn offer good new jobs to quality workers.